Design and Development of High Quality Web Projects

Company's Profile

VDA is a design and development company that specializes in web applications. We are not huge, we are not any special, but we know how to do our job.

We know everybody hates the "informational" sites full of short and useless marketing texts. So this site is not an exception. It is just about that every respectable IT company must have a site in order to be listed in different business directories.

Our Expertise

VDA specializes in efficient... Come on, the only efficient thing in our Universe is a hydrogen fusion reaction. We all know that any company that claims to be the best and the most efficient is lying. An average software developer is lazy as choloepus didactylus and starts working only when you bring a whip and then ask him politely to do his job.

Still we are not as hunger for money as our efficient comrades and we value our responsibility to our partners, so sooner or later we will provide you a product of decent quality. If you are truly interested in what we are capable of, here is a brief list of things we are quite good at:

  • Desktop and web-based video streaming solutions.
  • Anti-fraud protection and automated user behaviour analysis based on deep machine learning.
  • Applications to work with crypto currencies.

Final Note

We are pretty much sure you have not read a sentence on this site, so we use this part to just say Hello to Googlebot, which sooner or later will visit this page and assign it a rank just a few millimeters above the search results bottom.

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So you may wonder if we really check it, but we do!